7 on 7 Football

What to expect

There are 4 divisions of 7 on 7 determined by your age on January 1st of the year of play.




High School

7 on 7 is a different kind of football, where it is all about passing.  Think backyard football with your family on Thanksgiving, with refs.  This is a full fledged travel league where tournaments can be upwards of 3 hours away with 8:00 AM game times.   

Uniforms and soft helmets will be provided as part of your fees.

A head coach and assistant coaches will be selected and mentored by the Chargers league director to ensure your child has the best chance at success.

Practice count and duration are determined by your team's head coach and will be communicated via WhatsApp.

Depending on performance, there may be a 2 day state tournament at the end of the season.